Complete Corporate Web Interface solution and service that fits your infrastructure needs, advanced geospatial and non-geospatial data storage and maintenance services in various industries.

In today's market conditions, organizations are turning to new and emerging technologies to manage and track their assets, capture data in the field and leverage the data to analyze the efficiency of their work, and rely on data-based patterns to guide and plan decisions. We streamline your team's productivity with the technology you need to unite your organization and increase operational efficiency.

Data Infrastructure

Working with data from the municipal, government, commercial real estate and natural resource sectors. We use Spatial Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (Spatial ETL) techniques to free inaccessible data.

Custom Development

Our web-based solutions methodology gives you flexibility when managing your customer relations, back end operations, and accounting.

Professional Services

Concentrates its core competencies in four primary support service areas: application development and maintenance, systems management, project management, and business consulting.

Data Maintenance

Our solutions are fully hosted and managed and include data maintenance, acquisition, and management services that enable your organization to retain a high standard of work on stringent deadlines.


A complete enterprise web-mapping and fully managed data maintenance solution that meets local government needs.

Digitally create and manage work and equipment orders - whether in the field or in the office. Online access and offline caching for later synchronization - no data loss.

Simple, table-based user interface to streamline field data entry Simple business rules engine.


Spatially aware asset management improves the efficiency and availability of data in the field and data retrieval from the field into a centralized system.


    • Access the latest and most up-to-date information.
    • Share and collaborate spatial information through an easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain web interface with advanced reporting capabilities.
    • Software offered as a SAAS service. cost saving in software and IT costs.
    • 100% secure data storage that rests in a Canadian data center.
    • Capture of spatial information in the field using tablets, Android or iOS mobile devices, and integration with inspection programs.
    • Tracking of estimates, proposals, quotes, and schedule management.
    • Replace paper capture of labor, time, and equipment information.
    • Reduce duplicate data entry; single entry approved and delivered.