FME (Feature Manipulation Engine) is a data integration platform with the best support for spatial data worldwide. Easily address the question of “where” and convert your data precisely for your needs. Build your own custom workflows that improve access to data and solve compatibility issues, without needing to code anything.

With FME you can automate your data integration workflows and distribute your data to those who need it so you can spend more time using your data, and less time fighting it.


FME Desktop - Build repeatable data conversion and transformation workflows using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

FME Server - Automate workflows built in FME Desktop, and run them on a schedule or in response to triggers and get results ASAP.

FME Cloud - Choose this pay-as-you-go model and let us take care of hosting and managing your FME Server instances.


  • • Allows you to read, edit and export data in different formats (database, text files, maps)

    • Process automation. Increase your productivity!
    • Connect incompatible data and systems. Access all your information!
    • Keep data synchronized across your organization even large volumes5 of complex and/or real-time data.
    • Send alerts when notifications are required (failed validation, objects entering a geofence or new information).
    • Includes REST API and supports common protocols such as email, SMS, WebSockets, JMS and many more.
    • Helps to reduce process times and increase effectiveness. Validate and ensure the quality of your data.


Step 1

Connect your data sources and specify output locations with FME Desktop.

Step 3

Add transformers as needed to customize your workflow.

Step 3

Run workflows locally or publish workflows to FME Server or FME Cloud.

Step 4

Set schedules or create event-based automation workflows for real-time processing.