Extensis was founded in 1993 in Portland, Oregon, to help remove those barriers that held back our customers’ creativity. We began our journey by focusing on the needs of the creative community on the Apple Macintosh platform, through plug-ins that extended the usefulness and capabilities of Adobe and Quark products.

In 2018 Extensis merged with sister company LizardTech — also owned by Celartem — bringing LizardTech’s state-of-the-art software solutions for compressing and distributing massive, high-resolution geospatial data into Extensis’ suite of products. Customers of Extensis and LizardTech now have access to additional solutions for maximizing the value of their digital assets.

Geospatial Tools

At the core of all our GIS imagery solutions is MrSID — a unique, proprietary compression format first developed at the Los Alamos National Research Laboratory. This format changes the way GIS professionals can access, view, edit, and share geospatial imagery.

LizardTech enabled users to implement this technology at various points in their workflow, from ingesting visual data to serving it up, and everything in between. Since LizardTech merged with its sister company Extensis, this technology is now complemented with powerful digital asset management tools for managing, accessing, searching, and sharing imagery collections.

GeoExpress enables geospatial professionals to compress imagery to our proprietary, industry-standard MrSID format. This format supports lossless and visually lossless compression, enabling users to shrink file sizes without sacrificing image quality.

GeoExpress also provides editing capabilities for geospatial imagery compression, so that you can provide improved visual data for analysis. It includes standard imagery editing functionality such as cropping and color balancing, while also enabling you to reproject, mosaic, and more.

Other Products Overview
GeoViewer Use GeoViewer to display and explore MrSID files, raster imagery, LiDAR point clouds, vector overlays, and more. Customize your display settings, export imagery, and even take high-resolution imagery on-the-go with you on your mobile device.
Express Server Express Server is the fastest way to serve up geospatial images and LiDAR to clients, user bases, and the public. Express Server identifies, extracts, and delivers only the pixels being viewed at an exact moment, reducing speed and effectively serving imagery over any connection.
Portfolio Maximize the value of your GIS imagery and data with the power of digital asset management. Portfolio functions as GIS asset management software, empowering you make your GIS assets easily searchable, accessible, and shareable for your team.
Squish Pic View, decompress and make basic image adjustments to MrSID files using SquishPic. Our compression technology allows files of any size to be more easily archive, managed, distributed, and shared without losing image quality.