Geophysics by SeisWare (GP) is an intuitive and easy to use software designed for 2D and 3D seismic interpretation in an innovative and dynamic environment designed by geoscientists for geoscientists.

Benefits of Geophysics by SeisWare (GP)

All-Inclusive Package: Geophysics by SeisWare (GP) offers you a complete 2D and 3D seismic interpretation system. Even better, we’re always adding new features and functionality — all of which are included in your annual subscription. We don’t believe in add-ons.

Supported by Geoscientists: Geophysics by SeisWare (GP) was developed by geoscientists for geoscientists. If you have a question about our 2D and 3D seismic interpretation system, you will get an answer from an experienced geoscientist. We’re more than just innovative software. SeisWare’s team delivers invaluable insight into some of North America’s most challenging plays.

Data Integration: Geophysics by SeisWare (GP) maintains data in standard industry formats, so it can be easily shared with other applications. SeisWare supports open standards to save you time by allowing you to move data easily between the tools that you use every day.

Time/Depth Conversion

  • Select the input data for the layer model
  • Integrate constant compaction or average compaction grids
  • Realice control de calidad y remueva información rugosa usando un histograma de velocidades interactivo
  • Perform quality control and remove rough data using an interactive speed histogram
  • Create velocity models to convert seismic information, horizons and faults
  • Geophysics by SeisWare (GP) has tools for easy mapping of seismic interpretations and wells.
  • Simultaneous (views of) time Slice view and/or seismic attributes for multiple 3D volumes.
  • 2D and 3D visualization solutions in time and depth. Combination of 3D seismic attributes (Co-blend), and combination of multiple seismic attributes (RGBA).
  • Generation of synthetics from sonic records and density
  • Calculation and normalization of curves
  • Display of production information in bubble diagrams.
  • Create correlation polygons and rotate as required

Geology by SeisWare (GL) is a next-generation, 3D geological software tool that combines seismic, well log, and production data into an interactive, easy-to-use interpretation environment powered by patented Cascade Technology®.

Interpret Faster: SeisWare Geology software delivers high performance in every aspect of its operation. It is designed to improve productivity, decision-making and opportunity generation, resulting in rapid, quality prospect analysis and shorter development cycle times.

Improve Accuracy: integrates well log and seismic data to offer a truly dynamic 3D geological interpretation environment. With Cascade Technology, any change to the interpretation immediately updates its highly interactive visualization environment.

Complete Geological Solution

  • Perform well log correlation, Surface modeling, 2D cross section interpretation, and 3D interpretation using a full suite of geological interpretation tools.
  • Update your stratigraphic and fault frameworks using recursive conformable surface modeling and dynamic terminations, including unconformity, onlap, and offlap relationships.
  • Calculate hydrocarbon reserves, plan and monitor new wells, and continuously update your reservoir interpretation using real time workflow automation tools.
  • Generate horizon, isochore, fault, and zone average maps using fast 3D minimum curvature and search radius mapping algorithms.

Seismic data Integration

Geology by SeisWare (GL) creates a comprehensive geological model by integrating seismic data and interpretation with cross section and 3D displays.

  • Perform stratigraphic and geomorphological slicing of 3D seismic volumes.
  • Display seismic slices on the basemap and interactively change the display with respect to time, depth, or zone transitions.
  • Create net-to-gross maps based on well log cut-offs and calculated log curves
  • Interpret wells as they are being drilled to integrate real time results immediately into the geosteering interpretation.
  • Well tools to generate detailed well displays, integrating large amounts of data, and quickly incorporate real-time well data into your interpretation.