Isatis is a world leader in the field of geostatistics which provides quality software solutions for a vast range of industries. Geovariances is widely recognized for offering a set of tools in geostatistics focused on data analysis and visualization, high quality mapping, precision reserve estimation and risk analysis. Whatever your field of work, Gas, Oil or Mineral Exploration, Nuclear Dismantling, Site Pollution Characterization, or any other that intervenes in the manipulation of spatial information, Geovariances provides you with a solution of the highest precision to solve your problems, whatever your level of geostatistical knowledge.

Mining - Minestis

Geologists or mining engineers can apply geostatistics at all stages of the mine life cycle: from exploration to development, production and even for site remediation. Geostatistics offers a wide range of methodologies adapted to all commodities and styles of deposits.

  • Estimación de recursos minerales (IN-SITU y recuperable)
  • Clasificación de los recursos minerales
  • Caracteriza la incertidumbre de recursos
  • Optimice el espaciamiento de los pozos de perforación
  • Validación del modelo y alcance de la remediación.

Oil & Gas - Isatis

Geostatistics provides the most efficient framework to build accurate and reliable static models of reservoirs. Geostatistics is valuable at all steps of the geomodeling process:

  • Seismic data quality control and enhancement
  • Time-to-depth conversion and optimal mapping of horizons
  • Structural uncertainty quantification
  • Rock classification
  • Facies distribution in various geological environments
  • Petrophysical properties distribution
  • Uncertainty quantification of volumetric calculations
  • Geological structures are classically picked from seismic profiles in the time domain.
  • Exploratory data analysis and determination of velocity functions.

Contaminated Sites - Kartotrak

The global economy and success of contaminated site characterization and remediation projects and the environmental exposure are strongly impacted by the quantity of material to be excavated, treated, then re-used or eliminated. Appropriate data acquisition, reliable mapping, precise waste categorization, and uncertainty assessment are key issues for achieving successful projects.

Whatever the type of contamination (chemical or radiological) which you are facing, and the impacted medium (soil, concrete, sediments or groundwater), geostatistics provides you with the most efficient framework to meet these goals and improve your decision-making process. With Kartotrak, you can:

  • Determine the acquisition of appropriate information at the appropriate location.
  • Characterize the contamination and evaluate the uncertainty of contamination.
  • Optimize the management of the remediation plan.
  • Quantify the risks associated with groundwater bodies.

Air – Water – Soil – Biologic Resources, Among Others.

Geostatistics is a tool with a wide range of applications in other industries that allows us to satisfy the needs in:

  • Air quality monitoring, subsurface modelling and natural hazards
  • Biological Resources
  • Precision agriculture
  • Geochemistry
  • Epidemiology
  • Meteorology
  • Forestry
  • Archeology