Geology Solutions


Geo Oil Energy is a company that provides multiple field geology services that allow the acquisition and collection of geological information for subsequent evaluation and analysis.

• Cartography, regional mapping and high detail mapping
• Structural geology
• Supervision, guidance and geological mapping for hydrocarbon exploration on field sections and seismic lines.
• Detailed/general stratigraphic column survey and rock sampling for further analysis.
• Outcrop characterization.
• Geochemical Field Sampling.
• Field sedimentology and stratigraphy

• Partners: PaleoGeo SAS


Our company offers integral accompaniment to the companies managing the commitments of the exploration and production contracts signed with the government agencies, supporting the fulfillment of the contractual requirements related to the development of the contract, compliance with standards, reports, formats, integration of information, among others.

For companies that do not yet have or do not want to have their own software/technological infrastructure to develop their technical processes such as interpretation, database, GIS, reporting, etc. Geoil Energy offers a wide range of tools and infrastructure on site or in the cloud for the fulfillment of contract commitments or if it is the case to offer or evaluate oil&gas assets (E.g: data Room)


More than information management, we evaluate business processes and provide solutions that support decision making by accessing the information resident in different areas of the organizations in different formats and applications, allowing its visualization in unique interfaces with the information that is really needed, when and where it is required. We represent the world's leading software in integration, extraction, transformation and loading of spatial and non-spatial information. We migrate and load technical (e.g. geological/geophysical/geographic), spatial and non-spatial information between different applications.


In addition to the conventional disciplines of evaluation of areas and/or prospects and fields, we have the representation of highly specialized companies in differential issues such as Chemostratigraphy, section balancing, among others.