We make it easy to get valuable insights from geospatial data. From proprietary sensors and airborne platforms to patented algorithms and powerful analytics, we tailor our high-accuracy solutions for your needs.


We operate FAA-certified Learjet-36 platforms for custom airborne data collection. Our high-speed aircraft fly at high altitude with wide-area collection capabilities. We use IFSAR remote sensing techniques to provide 3D positioning and imaging using high-accuracy imaging radar. We have decades of experience deploying this multi-sensor technology in over 40 countries worldwide.

P-band SAR X-band IFAR

This multi-sensor approach provides key tactical advantages for deployment, unrestricted by daylight, weather, cloud cover, and foliage. We augment our proprietary P-band SAR, X-band IFSAR, and LiDAR with satellite imagery for unprecedented situational awareness. Custom collection options are also available to suit your needs.

Reduce manual processing through AI-driven processes. We extract foundation layers such as buildings, roads and land cover. We use automation to generate bare-earth terrain models to rapidly derive topographic layers such as contours and hydrology.

  • Data Fusion. Intermap brings multiple datasets, of differing resolutions and specifications, together in one homogenous layer – effectively managing resources by providing high-resolution data in high-value areas such as cities, corridors and critical flood plains, while providing wider area coverage from medium- or lower-resolution sources.
  • Orthorectification. Intermap’s fully automated orthorectification processes allow us to offer the best accuracy on the market – CE90 < 1m in many areas – at the lowest price. This accelerated cloud technology makes analysis-ready data affordable and available anywhere on Earth.

Intermap’s 3D foundation data layers provide the framework necessary for governments and businesses to make informed decisions and find intelligent solutions to their planning challenges. We provide up to 1-meter resolution elevation products in our NEXTMap Elevation Data Suite. Our comprehensive elevation data offers some of the most homogenous imagery and accurate elevation products on the market at a global scale.


  • Global Coverage – NEXTMap is available for all countries and locations worldwide
  • Rich Features & Bare Earth Models – NEXTMap is available as a natural terrain feature digital surface model (DSM) and as a bare earth digital terrain model (DTM)
  • Hydro Enforced – Water bodies and coastlines are flattened and corrected for accurate measurement
  • Seamless Dataset – NEXTMap delivers seamless coverage free of blunders, seam lines, or spikes that can be visible in other global datasets
  • Reliable & Cost Effective - Intermap’s budget-friendly fusion services support use of high-res data in high-value areas like cities or flood plains, while providing wider area coverage from medium-resolution datasets
  • Convenient Access – Datasets are available through our web portal or via API

NEXTMap® Global Solutions
NEXTMap Global Solutions provide quick access to our NEXTMap data products, services, and online applications. Access our DSM and DTM datasets through our servers using API calls, web browsers, desktop software, and partner applications. Our OGC-compliant data services allow you to find solutions using our continually updated, globally available datasets.

  • Continually Updated Our “living DEM” provides access to the most up-to-date elevation data across the globe
  • Elevation Analysis-as-a-Service Variety of ways to access our easy-to-use tools give everyone the ability to perform elevation analysis
  • Cloud-Based Data. Fast, secure access our data and analytics via the cloud
  • Accessible Across the Globe.Our globally available data and analytics can be accessed through GIS software and API calls for a variety of applications
  • Custom Integration. API and SDKs available for app and software development