About Us

We are a Colombo-Canadian service company with extensive experience in the Oil & Gas and Mining industries whose main distinction is the high quality and benefit in the products and services offered as well as extends the range of solutions, from on-farm workflows to production.

Founded in 2009 and with a team of professionals in Geomatics, Geophysics and Geology with over 100 years of combined experience Geo Oil Energy contributes to the execution of projects that exceed our client's expectations.

Sonia Ponguta


Global energy leader with 32+ years of experience in international business with operational experience in corporate planning, finance, and economics, she also has technical, and organizational experience across the full energy spectrum. She successfully deploys her expertise and intellectual curiosity to address complex strategic and operational issues in businesses. She is a strong communicator and team leader with the ability to work collaboratively across all functions and deliver projects on time and on budget. She started her career as a geologist in Texas Petroleum Company, British Petroleum company, SAIC and Operations Manager for the Andean Region for Halliburton. During the same period of time Miss Ponguta started her first company called Geologia Sistematizada Limitada in which she served as a president for 20 years. After moving to Canada Miss Ponguta continued her career as a General Manager in AGAT laboratories, then moving to Core Laboratories as a Senior Project Manager and as a Senior Geologist for ENI Canada. Sonia served on the board of directors for Petroleo La Plata Inc. a privately held Canadian exploration and Production Corporation with business focus in Argentina, Colombia and Western Canada and for Soloro Energy a privately held Canadian exploration and Production Corporation with business focus in Colombia, North Africa and Western Canada. In 2009 Miss Ponguta founded Geo Oil Energy SAS (GOE International) a Canadian – Colombian company where she acts as president & CEO

Oscar Orduz


Geomatics Engineer with specialization in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Software Engineering and in Project Management and Business Administration. More than 26 years of experience in different industries such as oil and gas, oil pipelines, power transmission lines and railways among others leading projects in the use and implementation of GIS and web mapping technologies in Colombia, Canada, Dominican Republic and Chile, ranging from the identification of requirements, geospatial information acquisition, quality control, to data management, its integration at the corporate level, maximizing the value of data for use in design, construction and operation of engineering and infrastructure projects with costs from a few thousand to over 1.5 billion dollars. Ability to provide strategic leadership, technical expertise, process analysis, planning and execution of projects, integrating solutions and work teams increasing efficiencies and maximizing the value proposition of the organizations where it participates. As a founding partner of Geo Oil Energy, he is responsible for project execution, quality assurance, the identification of needs and their resolution with state-of-the-art solutions that can be achieved in a short period of time and ensuring the satisfaction of our customers.

Iván Reyes

Business Manager

Geologist and Systems Engineer from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia and Universidad Autónoma respectively. Specialist in Project Management and Master in geological resources management. More than 25 years of experience in the hydrocarbon industry mainly as an E&P business developer and in applied technology. Led projects mainly in Mexico, US GOM, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador, from the definition of strategies to position the company in new areas or countries, identification and analysis of investment opportunities, participation in bidding rounds, to the completion of oil contracts. Ability to analyze business processes and multidisciplinary technical, contractual, environmental, technological and economic information and integrate interdisciplinary teams to identify, evaluate, structure, promote, negotiate and manage opportunities for the capture or divestment of assets or exploration and production companies. At Geo Oil Energy, as Business Development Manager, we identify and develop opportunities to implement our technologies and expertise in improving the business processes of our current and potential customers.

Oscar Quintero

Senior Geologist Engineer

Engineer Geologist graduated from the Universidad de los Andes, Merida State, Venezuela, with more than 18 years of experience in the oil industry and wide domain of competences in the area of reservoir and seismic interpretation: Elaboration of structural and stratigraphic sections, structural, isopacal and sedimentary facies maps. Updating of geological maps. Lithological description of channel samples for well drilling control. Support in Geomodelling in the Petrel, Strawork Landmark, Geografhix and Seisware platform. Monitoring of drilling and well stop parameters by channel samples. Great experience in the exploitation of light, medium and heavy deposits, sands, limestones, Integrated Studies of clastic deposits, monitoring of sandstone and carbonate deposits, Application of the VCD methodology in productivity projects, SSOP calculations, Seismic Interpretation.

Juan Carlos Caicedo


Geologist from Universidad Nacional with a Master's Degree in Science - Geology from the same University. Regional Geologist, with more than twenty-six years of professional experience especially in Planning, Coordination and Direction of Geology, Geomorphology, Hydrogeology and Environmental Projects, for the development of Oil - Gas and Mining projects. Expert in the description and analysis of sedimentary rocks, geological cartography, regional geology, stratigraphy, sedimentary basins analysis, tectonic-stratigraphic studies of sedimentary basins with integration of petrographic, biostratigraphic, geochemical, petrophysical, radiometric and thermochronological data. Stratigraphy and cartography projects developed in almost all sedimentary basins in Colombia: Valle Superior del Magdalena, Cordillera Oriental, Valle Inferior del Magdalena, Piedemonte Llanero, Valle Medio del Magdalena, Cesar Ranchería, Urabá, Pacífico Colombiano, Cauca Patía, Guajira y – Caguán Putumayo.

Jose Manuel Rosado

Senior Geomatics Engineer

Catastral and Geodesy Engineer, Specialization in Senior Management with updated studies in Direction, evaluation and project management. Extensive experience in Property Management, Commercial Property Appraisal, Geodesy and Bathymetry. I have developed the Coordination of massive and punctual projects for companies like IGAC, Ludycom, Temporary Consortiums and the Judiciary.
Analytical and proactive within highly demanding environments, with identity towards timely decision making and teamwork. Guided by strategies and objectives motivated to achieve with diligence, honesty and responsibility.

Daniel Navarrete


Geologist from the National University of Colombia. With experience in project evaluation; seismic interpretation, finding exploration prospects, correlation of wells taking into account electrical and lithological records. Trained in data management for geological data loading. Experience in Computer Science for geology and geophysics using programming languages such as Python and C++, performing and analyzing synthetic seismograms.
In Geo Oil Energy as a Geologist I am responsible for the support and maintenance of geological and geophysical solutions.

Juan Diego Bohórquez

Geologist / GIS Developer and Integrator

Geologist from the Industrial University of Santander, with experience in the management of geographic information systems as a consultant in multidisciplinary projects within the areas of geology, geophysics, cartography and land use planning. Trained in information technology and full stack programming handling various languages such as Python, Javascript and Java, as well as spatial database technologies (PostgreSQL + PostGIS) applied to the geospatial sector and web development.
At Geo Oil Energy as a Geologist / GIS Developer and Integrator I am responsible for the support of our geospatial solutions such as Global Mapper, FME Desktop and Server and Geoexpress, as well as the development and maintenance of the SaaS GOE Web Mapping solution.

Angela Manuela González

Mechatronics Engineer

Engineer with knowledge in Computer Aided Design (CAD/CAM), structural design and analysis, PMI, programmable logic controller (PLC) programming, industrial control and instrumentation, automation and Python programming. She is a professional who stands out among her clients for being a creative, innovative, responsible and dynamic person.
At Geo Oil Energy Angela works as administrative engineer supervising payments to suppliers, invoicing, payroll and SG-SST contributing to the efficient and safe operation of the company.